Lil Wayne Reveals Jay Z Wanted to Help Him Friend to Friend in Roc Nation Deal

Category: Entertainment
Lil Wayne recently announced during a concert that he is part of the Roc Nation crew, and he gave more details on the situation during an interview on Skip Bayless' "UNDISPUTED."

Wayne explained, “Jay is just a good guy man. It was nothing but a simple thing, just friend-to-friend, ‘I just want to help you.’ That’s all it was. ‘I just want to help you man. In any way I can.’ And right now he’s just going to help me in any way he can, and that’s just what it is.”

The "Mr. Carter" rapper also answered a question about Jay helping him getting out of his Cash Money deal, saying, “No, we haven’t done that yet. We still working on that, that’s a situation. But like I said, Jay’s just a good guy, he just wants to help me. So he’s just going to be helping me.”

Check out Wayne's full statement around the 13:30 mark.
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