Advertise is a VOD Video on Demand platform geared towards showcasing the best urban talent through viral videos.  Whether it's new releases, classic Hip Hop and R&B music videos, fashion and beauty, comedy sketches, pranks or challenges, is LOADED with billions of hours of entertaining content that will keep you glued to your screen!  

As we all know Hip Hop sets the tone for what's HOT in today's can look at Welcome2hiphop as a platform which sets the trends other entertainment platforms follow.  When Welcome2hiphop speaks the rest of the world listens!  

Our slogan is Welcome2hiphop is the Bible of Hip Hop.  If you're not listed on our platform now is the time to join our growing community and solidify your name in hip hop history!

With that said we can feature your video on the homepage of

$125/day for 'JUST WENT VIRAL'  $625 for a week (7 days) 
-Videos Listed in our 'Just Went Viral' section average 45,000 views 

$250/day for W2HH TV feature $1250 for one week (7 days)
-Videos listed in our 'W2HH TV' section average over 120,000 views

$75 for our 'LIT or SHIT' feature and our followers will either click LIT or SHIT on your video (Lots of engagement)
-Includes a LIT or SHIT post of your video to our Welcome2hiphop Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
We charge $20 for stories and $40 for individual Instagram post. 
(All post are sent through for screening by our team)

Our most revolutionary offer to promote your video is our new Preroll Ads.
-Your video will begin playing when a visitor clicks play on a video on  After 5 secs the user has the option to skip or  continue watching your video.  Visitor can also click your Preroll video which then takes them to a custom url link of your choice and approved by our support team.  This feature guarantees your video will infiltrate audiences which you normally would not have access to. 
Ex. Visitor clicks to watch Drake's God's plan music video and your video appears first
$350/day for our Preroll Ads feature $2000 for one week (7 days)

We also have a Premium Membership costing $120/year which gives up to 70% off our video features and access to exclusive content and features at ($75 feature can go as low as $22.50) 

All payments can be made to Include link to your video or upload your video directly to and we will feature it by the next day.

If you can't afford any of our features you can always upload your video to FREE of charge.  We tend to feature user videos once they reach around 20,000 views.  We also feature users once their profiles reach 10,000 activity points.