Tamera Mowry Reveals J. Cole’s Cole Summer Lyrics Offended Her

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Tamera Mowry Reveals J. Cole’s Cole Summer Lyrics Offended Her

On Friday’s episode of “The Real” Tamera talks about the time that J. Cole rapped about bedding her and sister Tia. She says he later apologized if he offended her and reveals that she was offended, but not for the reason you’d think.

Check out the video and the transcript from the show is below:

Loni Love: J. Cole, he sure did put a rap in about Sister, Sister! I was like, “Oh!”

[The Real audience laughs and claps.]

Adrienne Houghton: Even Kanye said about twins. He said, “He should marry Kate and Ashley.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley: But I will tell you this, but when he met me in person, he apologized. Yeah, he was like, “Oh, I hope I didn’t make you feel, you know, some kind of way.”

Adrienne: Did you feel some kind of way?

Loni: Yeah, you felt some kind of way!

Tamera: I did.

Adrienne: Why?

Tamera: I did.

Jeannie Mai: What did you feel?

Tamera: I don’t know, it was just what he was saying. I forgot what it was though.

Loni: [Snaps her fingers.] Uh huh. Uh huh.

Tamera: Loni stop it.

Adrienne: He said he wanted to be with Sister, Sister.

Tamera: Do you remember? No, do you remember? No, do you remember what he said?

Loni: I remember it. “If I had one wish, I would blank Tia and Tamera, at the same time, and put name tags on they blank so I don’t get they names wrong'”

[The Real audience laughs.]

Jeannie: Oh my gosh! You guys that’s so sweet!

Adrienne: Is that real? Or did she just make that up?

Tamera: I’m more… No Jeannie, I’m more offended that he couldn’t tell us apart. I have a mole J. Cole, [points at her mole] right there!