Racist High School Chants 'Ashy Knees' At Black Basketball Player

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Racist High School Chants “Ashy Knees” At Black Basketball Player
Jefferson High School in New Jersey is getting their Trump Era on and going viral with a video showing them chanting “build the wall” and even “ashy knees” to a black player at the free throw line. The theme at the game that night was “American Pride” and obviously that means different things to different people.

Fans say Jefferson also had signs of the same sort, directed at African American players and in warm ups the players dealt with racial slurs being thrown around. The Jefferson Superintended is backing up his school and denies claims of the night having any political theme, saying “there has been no discipline administered at this point.”

Tierney, the Superintendent, also said “”I’m not excusing this incident, but to say it was a one-sided incident is completely misleading,
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