Cee-Lo Green aka Gnarly Davidson Jay Z's Girl Video

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Gnarly Davidson "Jay Z's Girl" Video
Cee-Lo Green's alter-ego Gnarly Davidson pays tribute to Beyonce in "Jay Z's Girl."

It's unclear exactly what Cee-Lo Green's end game is in regards to his musical alter-ego Gnarly Davidson, but it appears that he has temporarily but all his eggs in that basket. Two days after Cee Lo/Gnarly rolled up to the Grammys dressed like a Star Trek villain, Gnarly unleashed his second single "Jay Z's Girl," a cover of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" and ode to the woman of his dreams: Beyonce.

"He wears his hat down over his eyes," Gnarly croons, "and he’s smooching her with those lips, I just know it."

The video is a sight to behold. Check it out and revisit Gnarly's debut single "Fuck Me, I'm Famous."

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