Hopsin Takes Shots At Rappers w/ No Lyrical Talent On 'No Words'

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Hopsin Takes Shots At Rappers w/ No Lyrical Talent On "No Words"

"No Words"

"Man rap today f***ng sucks bad, I don't give a f*** what anybody says. These fools ain't spittin' no type of dope s***. But that's not even the bad part - they're not even saying words anymore."

According to rapper Hopsin (and most genuine lyricists around the world), today's generation of hip-hop artists aren't creating music of value. Their lyrics often go misunderstood, and "they just got a hard a** f***ing beat to trick dumba**es like you to make you think you like the s***," he says. Angered by the new ways of rap, Hopsin decided to take matters into his own hands with "No Words," a music video where he plays a rapper with dreadlocks whose lyrics are unclear.
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