is count WATCH: Dangerus Divas Son SHOCKING Reaction After NEW BORN BABY Sister DIES at Hospital During Labor -

WATCH: Dangerus Divas Son SHOCKING Reaction After NEW BORN BABY Sister DIES at Hospital During Labor

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Mother SINGS Open Letter to Kaira :

J Funk and Family sing Happy Birthday to His Baby Sister in Heaven Kaira Morton

Unfortunately our baby girl DIED during my wife's labor. She was SO Beautiful and Dainty! I honestly have no questions for God on the subject. I UNDERSTAND and She Understood Her purpose in life. Even though it was the Doctors who chose not to try and save the 22.5 week baby, it was baby KAIRA who decided to lay her life down for a GREATER cause. Im HAPPY my wife is healthy and NO LONGER in PAIN and she is handling it so well. The HARDEST part was telling my 4 year old son that his baby sister DIED and cant go home with us. His reaction was SOOO PRICELESS I had to Capture it on Camera. It was the 1st time I Cried in a LOOOONNNGG time. Check it out
TRANSCRIPTION of VIdeo thanks to @creativeplanetjanet
Mom: Come here Baby.
Dad: Come here, Son.
Mom: The baby had to go back home, to be with God. The baby came out and stopped breathing. Do you still want the doctor to show you the baby?
Son: Uh, yes.
Mom: Are you sure you want to see the baby?
Son: Yeh-ehss! (through his tears)
Mom: But you can't take the baby home with you, OK? Do you understand?
Son: I didn't get to see the baby come out of your tummy. (through tears)
Mom: It did come out my tummy. But the baby isn't breathing.
Son: I wanna seeee it.
Mom: You wanna see it? OK, I'll let you see it, but you can't take the baby home, OK? It's in Mommy's hand. It's in Mommy's hand.
(Son turns head toward baby covered with blanket after his mom repeats herself)
Mom: We just can't take her home 'cause she's not breathing. She's soooo liiiiittle.
Son: I wanna see the baby (through tears)
Dad: Alright, relax Son. Mommy's gonna show you the baby. (She pulls down the blanket so baby can be seen)
Mom: Look at the baybeeee. Do you see? See how little she is? Do you see? She look like you! She look like J-funk! (Maybe they will see this and fill us in on how their son got that nickname ;) Do you know what her name is gonna be?
Son: No.
Mom: It's gonna be Kaira.
Mom: Look at her little hands. Look at her little hands. Did you see how little her hand was? Ohhhhh Kaiiiraaa. Oohh Baybeeee.
Dad: Here's your big brother!
Mom: Oh-oooooh! Tell her you are sad that she didn't stay with you - with us. Tell her we're gonna miss her.
Son: Bye, Kaira.
Mom: AhOooh. Tell her that you love her.
Son: I love you Kaira. I'll miss you so so so much.
Mom: Tell her she gotta come back, huh?
Son: I'll miss you.
Mom: Uh huhhh, maybe next time.
Dad: Look at her little feet, James. Look at her feet.
Mom: Look at her! She has Dad's big feet. Look at those big feet!
Dad: You know how I play with your feet?
Mom: Look at them! Wow!
Dad: That's your baby sister's feet.
Mom: They're big like Daddy's! Look at them! (Laughing) Oh goodness...yep. She didn't stay in Mommy's tummy long enough, so God had to take her back to be with Him. (Son touching his sister) Be careful. Awe-ahh. Do you see her face? (soft chuckle)
Dad: Are you happy you got to see your sister?
Mom: (softly chuckling) Say, Kaira, we're gonna miss you.
Son: Kaira, we're gonna miss you.
Mom: We're gonna miss you Kaira.
Son: We're gonna miss you Kaira.
Dad: Do you see her ears? Does she have ears like you? Huh?
Mom: (softly chuckling/sing/song mmmmmm)
Dad: Look at her shoulders, they're like Mommy's shoulders.
Mom: (soft chuckle) She got legs like you.
Dad: Look at her nose. Her nose.
Mom: She got Daddy's nose! (Happy laugh)
Dad: It like mine?! It like yours?! (Happy soft laughing along with Mom)
Mom: Ahh, Baybeee, Hmmmmm. She didn't stay long enough. If she had listened and stayed a longer time, then she would have been OK. (I love how she shakes her finger at the baby - good lesson little man - Do what your mom and dad tell you.)
Dad: Then she would have came out bigger.
Mom: Yep. But see how little she is? She's supposed to be muhhhhch bigger. Big brown baby. But she's sooo little, we can't take her home and God called her back home with Him. OK? But next time you might get a brother and a sister!
Other voice: Ohhhh!
Mom: orrr - a brother -
Another voice in room: Ah ha!
Mom (laughing) OK?
Dad: Or a sister.
Mom: Or a sister again.
Dad: Little laugh.
Son: Yeh, No, I wanna have a brother and a sister.
Other voice: You keep askin' for a brother and a sister, you might get it. (Laughs) And that's what the Lord was tryin' to send.
Mom: You just might get it next time. Double blessing!
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