Troy Ave Press Spray (Official Music Video)

Category: Hip Hop
Troy takes aim at his enemies in "Press Spray."

The man known by some as Nupac just dropped new visuals for "Press Spray." The track gained notoriety as a Joe Budden / Mysonne diss, and while the former is retired from the mic, Troy certain seems intent on keeping the beef alive. Dude even included footage of Joey's girl licking his face, along with some newspaper graphics attacking Mysonne's credibility. Cold. Overall, the video does its job, transcribing the taunting bars and establishing Troy's presence with blistering edits and shadowy cinematography. Love him or hate him, Troy continues to do his thing, and this single selection spells a clear message: he's not backing down.
Troy Ave Nupac Joe Budden Mysonne Music Videos
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