ILoveMakonnen's new video for 'Is You Plugged'

viralvideos 158 days ago
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Category: Hip Hop
Check ILoveMakonnen's new video for "Is You Plugged."

With a relatively quiet 2017 so far for the Atlanta singer and rapper, ILoveMakonnen today he releases a new and unique video for, "Is You Plugged." Directed by Max and JoinTheOrg the video is simply a split screen of ILoveMakonnen riding in an Uber smoking blunt after blunt, counting cash, while he recites his lyrics.

The video is certainly different, and it would be truly interesting to know if ILoveMakonnen was actually riding in an Uber. The song itself delivers on it's catchiness, with an infectious, bouncy beat. The chorus of "Boy is you plugged," will certainly get stuck in your head.
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