Joey Bada$$ Victory Video

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Joey Bada$$ Victory Video
Watch the official music video for Joey Bada$$'s Mountain Dew collaboration, "Victory."

Mountain Dew nabbed Joey Bada$$ to create an anthem for the NBA, as part of The Courtside Project. The very appropriate and anthemic release, "Victory," dropped prior to Joey's album in February. Now that the album hype for A.A.B.A has died down (much to Joey's dismay, it seems), Mountain Dew makes a return with the official music video for "Victory."

The visual treatment relies on large projectors with colored LED lights, quick shots of someone dribbling a basketball, flashes of the Mountain Dew bottle (of course), and a general 'game-time' feel. Check it out.
Joey Bada$$ mountain dew Music Videos
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