Lupe Fiasco - Jump ft. Gizzle

Category: Hip Hop
Lupe Fiasco shares new video for "Jump."

Lupe Fiasco just dropped "Jump," the latest video off his recent Drogas Light album. The bumping Gizzle-assisted track gets some kaleidoscopic visuals, drowning you in color and hyper-stylized choice lyrics. Lupe and Gizzle trade bars a in sterile room straight out of a spaceship, posing next to some big-ass shapes, shout out to simple geometry. While the song itself features a detailed narrative, the video opts against a more story-based clip. Instead, the video works in tandem with the beat, operating on a more sensory, primal level. The editing is hella trippy, featuring dancing shadows, beer-goggle blurred rappers, and surreal fast paced cuts.

Lupe Fiasco Gizzle
viralvideos Apr 11, 2017 61,587 views



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