CRAZY FIGHT Breaks out at Golden Gloves Boxing Event

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Crazy Fight Breaks out at Golden Gloves Boxing Event
Chaos broke out at a Golden Gloves youth boxing tournament in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 29, when friends and family members of opponents in one bout stormed the ring to clash over a late blow.

TMZ was able to obtain video of the ruckus, which took off after one member of the crowd who managed to get into the ring, planted a hay-maker into the face of a man in the other contestant's corner. The frenzy would spill out of the ring and involve both men and women, exchanging fists and swinging chairs as the furniture in the room rearranged and the space cleared in a matter of moments.

It is reported that by the time police arrived on the scene cooler heads had prevailed, and shockingly the event would resume without a single arrest being made.
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