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Video of Adam "Pacman" Jones' Arrest Shows Cornerback Spitting at Officer

A surveillance recording of the confrontational moment NFL star Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested for obstructing official business and disorderly conduct at a hotel in Cincinnati's central district, was released by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday, March 22. In addition to the charges, Jones is facing assault and a felony charge of harassment with a bodily substance. The video's release came as Jones' defense disputed the harassment charge, which was made by a nurse who would later attempt to get a civil settlement out of the Bengals cornerback for spitting on her.

The security footage does capture the moment Jones is sat down with the assistance of a half dozen officers, so that the nurse may perform her intake. The officers are seen rushing to restrain Jones, with one grabbing him by the jaw and pulling his face back before they secure his mouth with a surgical style mask. Jones had been hostile throughout the January 3 arrest, which came following an altercation with a security guard at the Millennium Hotel. Even though surveillance did not pick up an audio recording of the arrest, he does appear to be shouting at the nurse, before his head is seen lunging at her just as an officer passes between her and the recording. That is when he is alleged to have hocked phlegm her way.

Despite the appearance the visual gives off of the spitting incident, prosecutor Joe Deters announced that he has decided to drop the harassment count on Wednesday, citing it as a "ticky-tack" charge. Deters is reported to have conceded that Jones had been chewing tobacco and that it could not be proven to have been his intention to get it on the nurse's hand.
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